• $50.00 – $150.00 per item
  • Note: Matched and multiple items composing a set are considered to be one item.



Email Procedure

  1. Send in .jpg image files. PLEASE DO NOT SEND LARGE PHOTOS, as they take too long to download. All we need is something that is suitable for screen size viewing. If you don't know how to format images, your best will be fine, but if you do, please use the following guidance.
    • DPI: 72
    • DIMENSIONS: 1280 pixels (max) x 960 pixels (max)
  2. Note the measurements of the item and anything you already know about it, such as how you came to acquire it.
  3. Email the information with your credit card number and expiration date to djlrest@comcast.net Please allow up to 1 week for a response.

Standard Snail Mail Procedure

  1. Take CLEAR 35mm photographs of all sides of the item along with close-ups of details, marks, signatures, and any damage or repairs.
  2. Note the measurement of the item and anything you already know about it, such as how you came to acquire it.
  3. Mail the packet, your check or money order for the total cost, and SASE to: D&J Auction & Appraisal Services – 37037 E. Almont, Sterling Hgts, MI 48310. Please allow 2 weeks for response.



Estate & Insurance:

(Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, & Ohio Region. Travel beyond this range is negotiable) We can be reached at 586-268-8692. We will be happy to discuss your needs and provide you with information and references. Because of our busy schedule, we require 2 weeks notice to arrange appraisal work.

We charge $150.00 per hour on site, $50.00 per hour for traveling up to one hour, and $75 per hour beyond that and $50.00 per hour for research and secretarial work. You will receive a printed appraisal in 3 copies, listing antiques and other items or worth, fully described and valued in accordance with the current market.


General Information:

We have been selling and appraising for over 25 years. Our personal reference library and our professional network include experts in every specialty. We keep abreast of auction results and market trends affecting antique values. We are able to accurately appraise antiques in nearly every category, including carousel horses, license plates, furniture, toys and glassware. We are members of the CAGA (Certified Appraisers Guild of America).

Please note: We prefer not to give advice over the telephone. If you are interested in an appraisal, please email us or call us to set up a consultation. If you should have any additional questions, comments or concerns, please call us at 586-268-8692