We are a full-service auctioneer providing for the valuation and sale of goods. We conduct on-site and off-site appraisals. We offer an auction or estate sale format. Having over 20 years of experience in the valuation, restoration, and marketing of valuables, we can handle any sale – contact us for a consultation.



We've performed hundreds of auctions in the Detroit Michigan area over the last 25 years. With that many years in the field and our experience in restoration, we have become masters in the ability to identify items of value which assist us in getting you the most for you items. We provide our clients with the absolute best auction expertise and service.



We have restored antiques over the years, from carousel horses, to a race car, antique cars, furniture, art work and license plates. These experiences have given us insight to the condition and authenticity of many items. We still restore antique license plates for many collectors.


Estate Sales

Complete or partial estate sale

We have handled small estates right on through to those with thousands of items. We have handled both personal and real property including, antiques, collectibles, household, guns, toys, vehicles, vintage clothing, jewelry, furniture, art, coin op items, equipment, a shipping supply company, a car restoration company, and a kitchen remodeling facility. Certain cities require permits, we handle that for you, as well as being insured and bonded in cities that require one.

Downsizing Sale

Whether you are downsizing, moving or assisting the elder, having an estate sale with the assistance of a professional can help relieve you of the stress. Any estate with a variety of items, is still handled with the same marketing, staging and care

Entire Estate Purchase

The Purpose of an Estate Sale is to Stage, Market and Sell. The goal is to sell all of the personal property. Buy outs are an option under certain circumstances, but they are not the priority. Even items that are moved, should be handled as they are on site, with the same dignity, research, staging, and marketing in order to SELL them.